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North Central Quarry


Conundrum Holdings is seeking to supply much needed basalt to Victoria’s ever-increasing infrastructure projects. Quality basalt with direct access onto the State road network is exceptionally hard to find.

Our short-life quarry will bring new, wide-ranging local jobs in quarry operations, laboratory testing and site administration. It will support over 1,500 wholesale customers, and 700 suppliers and service providers that we need to function.

Basalt from this site will bring significant economic and community activity to the region and, once rehabilitated, can be incorporated into the urban fabric.


The benefits of this quarry

North Central Quarry will help our clients, the community and the environment by:

  • Providing high-quality basalt suited to multi-bench operations
  • Operating close to our clients, cutting our carbon footprint
  • Being remote from sensitive receptors
  • Blending into its surrounding landscape to minimise its visual and environmental impact
  • Supporting the area’s growth by supplying quality quarry materials
  • Delivering an integrated planning approach for a temporary land use (quarrying), which ultimately is able to be developed into residential and open spaces

Site specialisations

North Central Quarry will be well placed to efficiently provide construction materials to the local area and the State’s major projects. This basalt can be used for:

  • Railways
  • Asphalt and road sealing
  • Concrete plants
  • Buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Land and infrastructure development

Next steps

The Victorian Minister for Planning (Minister Richard Wynne) has taken charge of the Planning Permit application for North Central Quarry and while we are yet to be fully informed about the details surrounding the ministerial call-in, we stress that the process is continuing.

Full application materials are available from Conundrum – please contact us directly.

What can I do to show support?
IMMEDIATELY email Minister Wynne at and cc!
This email should include why this application is important, a reference to “Call-in of VCAT P1745/2020 at 175 Northern Highway, Wallan” and your contact details.
It is critical if you are aware of anyone living in Wallan, the Mitchell Shire or within the industry generally who can see the benefit of the application, please suggest that they too email Minister Wynne

For the Record

North Central Quarry as a temporary land use will play an important role within the local community once operations commence. It will provide local people choice and access to quality material; a range of employment and commercial opportunities; and a repository (or habitat) for native flora and fauna which wouldn’t otherwise exist.

We are committed to supplying transparent information and responding to questions. Our key objectives are to ensure issues are identified, misconceptions resolved and expectations met where possible.

If you would like to visit one of our sites, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Interested in our North Central Quarry?

This development will provide real jobs for real people