Products  Coarse aggregates

Concrete specified

These aggregates meet the specifications of concrete mix designs outlined in the Australian Standard: Aggregates and rock for engineering purposes (AS2758).

20mm single-size agg 14/10mm agg
10mm single-size agg 7mm single-size agg

Sealing & asphalt

These graded aggregates are designed for road sealing and asphalt. This means they comply with the requirements set out by VicRoads – and have tests to prove it too.

14mm Class A agg 10mm Class A agg
7mm Class A agg Blended materials


Our larger aggregates conform to AS2758.7 – meeting the project requirements in the rail sector.

56mm ballast agg 40mm agg

Drainage specified

Although these aggregates suit the general needs of the water and drainage sector, we can also tailor them to more unique projects – just let us know.

*B* series fillers 20 mm single-size agg

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