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Wim Mix Concrete

Trading since 1962, our concrete plant has proven its quality and service, time and again. From councils and hospitals to schools and supermarkets, we’ve helped countless clients – and brought countless visions to life.

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Site specialisations

Wim Mix specialises in:

  • Structural concrete
  • VicRoads-approved mix designs suitable for bridge construction
  • Concrete for general construction and pavements
  • Kerb formation, landscape and decorative concretes (that come in different colours)
  • Cement-treated sands and crushed rocks

How we deliver

We’ll organise delivery based on your quantity and location. Our agitator fleet ranges from mini mix right through to twin steer – allowing the right agitator for the job.

Past clients and projects

Here are some of the people and projects that form our 50+ year track record:

  • Horsham Civic Centre / Horsham Rural City Council Chambers
  • Wimmera Base Hospital
  • Various supermarkets in the Wimmera
  • One of Australia’s largest tennis court projects (29 courts in 3 months)
  • Wimmera Bridge in Horsham
  • Horsham Police Station
  • Horsham Electricity Exchange

Need quality concrete for your project?

We also have a Safety Data Sheet for this site, in case you need it.