Products  Crushed rocks


Our specified crushed rocks comply with VicRoads requirements (with testing available) – and can be used as a base or sub-base for roads, pavements, hardstands and buildings.

20mm class 1 CR 20mm class 2 CR
20mm class 3 CR 40mm class 3 CR
20 mm class 4 CR

Water or cement-treated

Depending on your needs, our specified crushed rocks and quarry dust can be treated with added water or cement. And if you need another combination? Just ask, we’ll create a solution that works for you.

20mm class 1 CR wet mixed 20mm class 1 3%CT
20mm class 2 CR wet mixed 20mm class 2 3%CT
20mm class 3 CR wet mixed 20mm class 3 2%CT
20mm class 3 3%CT Quarry dust 3%CT
Stab sand Material treatments

Commercial Products

From unsealed roads to construction projects, our commercial products can be used in a number of ways. If you need help finding the right product for your needs, let us know – we’re happy to help.

Quarry dust 20mm B-grade CR
40mm B-grade CR 20mm Scalps
40mm Scalps Shoulder material
100mm CR Breaching 600>250
<100mm Riprap 250>20
Gabion rock 56mm agg
Other mass rock

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