Working Closely with Fellow Australians

At Conundrum, we love partnering with Australian businesses. From material delivery to weed management – it’s just another way we keep our community close.

With so much work on our hands, we’re always looking to outsource tasks to local professionals… while building fair working relationships at the same time!

Preferred Suppliers

Our future has become more stable

Offshore procurement has made the local steel casting industry quiet for many years. But thanks to Conundrum’s commitment to purchasing Australian-made castings from us, our future has become more stable. Conundrum is an example for others in the industry.

Marc Alexander – General Manager
Beckwith Iron and Steel

Beckwith Iron and Steel

A long-term partner of ours, Beckwith Iron and Steel is one of the only Australian businesses still in the steel casting industry.

Authorised Cartage Contractors

We often engage contractors to deliver our quarry products. To become an Authorised Cartage Contractor, there are a couple boxes you need to tick:

  • You must be incorporated
  • You and your drivers must fill out all the documentation provided by our Logistics Team
  • All drivers must complete our online induction and annual refreshers
  • The payload of all your vehicles used for cartage must be at least 500kgs over the minimum load
  • You must have policies and procedures in place to ensure you comply with all relevant laws

For more information, contact us via

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