Our community and the environment are at the heart of all we do

Conundrum Holdings is a passionate, family-run quarry business shaped by four generations in the industry.

Community-minded and eco-friendly, we deliver tailored solutions for projects of all types – while staying flexible to your needs.

How We Help

Our Community

From creating jobs to donating our time
and resources, we believe in giving back at every opportunity.


The Environment

The environment is our reason for being.
With a range of policies and practices in place, we aim to help it in any way we can.


North Central Quarry

This proposed quarry will complement and then succeed our Northern Quarries site.

Wallan Concrete

Our new concrete plant services residential and commercial needs in Wallan & surrounds.

Northern Quarries

Our Northern Quarries is trusted by many to deliver quality aggregates and more.

Stawell Quarry

From railway ballast to beaching materials, Stawell Quarry is a leader in the west.

Wim Mix Concrete

Offering the best concrete mixes for over 50 years, our plant will bring your plans to life.

McKenzie Creek Quarry

Available only for pre-arranged orders, this century-old quarry supports clients across Horsham.