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North Central Quarry

Welcome to North Central Quarry, a resource that will present choice and opportunity for future generations, local people, customers, and suppliers – and deliver what our community and state desperately needs: access to construction materials, jobs and a reduced environmental footprint.

This short-life quarry will provide high quality basalt, vital for maintaining our standard of living – the literal ‘bedrock’ for our homes, roads, schools, hospitals, and major projects.

This proposed quarry is over 15 years in the making, having been subject to stringent planning procedures, and we are committed to providing the lowest carbon footprint possible.

It will provide jobs in the short and long term, significant local economic activity and training and skills before being beautifully rehabilitated and incorporated into the urban fabric of the Beveridge North West Precinct Structure Plan.

The Benefits of This Quarry

North Central Quarry will help our clients, the community and the environment.

This proposed quarry:

  • Will provide high-quality basalt to support the area’s growth and continue to support our existing and new customer base
  • Will efficiently supply basalt for local use, multiple shires and the State’s major projects for housing, rail network upgrades, roads and interchanges, concrete plants, commercial buildings, the Beveridge Intermodal Freight Terminal and agriculture and infrastructure development
  • Will see basalt extracted close to our clients, drastically cutting the carbon footprint and transport costs
  • Is situated nearly TWO kilometres from existing housing, well outside the EPA’s separation distances and barely visible from Wallan
  • Is a temporary land use of 30 years, to be rehabilitated and integrated into the Beveridge North West PSP
  • Will provide real jobs for real people and bring significant economic activity to the region, helping the process of reversing the dormitory suburb model we are currently being delivered by our local council

Further information can be found on our North Central Quarry handout.


For the Record

Conundrum Holdings has spent years constructing this application, implementing the best technical measures and processes to ensure high levels of compliance across all aspects of the proposal.

We are committed to supplying transparent information and responding to questions. Our key objectives are to ensure issues are identified, misconceptions resolved, and expectations met where possible. This is something we have never wavered on.

Below are some common myths about this proposal which we have disproven time and time again.

Interested in our North Central Quarry?

This development will provide real jobs for real people