Sites  North Central Quarry

North Central Quarry

This proposed basalt quarry will complement and eventually replace Northern Quarries – ensuring we remain available to our clients in the north. It’ll also enhance access to high-quality, affordable materials and create more local job opportunities.

For a sneak peek of what’s to come, please view our site visualisation and 3D simulation.

The benefits of this quarry

North Central Quarry will help our clients, the community and the environment by:

  • Providing high-quality basalt suited to multi-bench operations
  • Operating close to our clients, cutting our carbon footprint
  • Being remote from sensitive receptors
  • Blending into its surrounding landscape to minimise its visual and environmental impact
  • Supporting the area’s growth by supplying quality quarry materials

Site specialisations

Basalt is a flexible resource that can be used for:

  • Railways
  • Asphalt and road sealing
  • Concrete plants
  • Buildings
  • Agriculture
  • Land and infrastructure development

Next steps

Now that we’ve completed our North Central Quarry proposal, we need to:

  • Get a planning permit to operate and access WA1473
  • Provide a rehabilitation bond to the State Government, which will hold us to our rehabilitation proposals

After we start operating, we’ll regularly report to the Mitchell Shire Council, DEDJTR, WorkCover and any other relevant regulatory body – to ensure we’re always compliant. We’ll also have a Safety Data Sheet for this site, in case you ever need it.

Interested in our North Central Quarry?