Sites  McKenzie Creek Quarry

McKenzie Creek Quarry

Active since 1882, our McKenzie Creek Quarry has supported the Horsham area – for over 100 years.

Site Specialisations

McKenzie Creek Quarry specialises in:

  • Beaching material
  • Reselling commercial crushed concrete to the local market

If you need any other materials for your project, please let us know.

Past Clients and Projects

Over the years, McKenzie Creek Quarry has supplied materials for local councils, companies and projects, including:

  • Dimboola Grainflow Terminal – recycled concrete for road sub-base
  • Lake Lonsdale Breakwater – beaching materials
  • Dimboola Weir – beaching materials

Need Quality Quarry Materials Around Horsham?

McKenzie Creek Quarry is only open by appointment. We also have a Safety Data Sheet for this site, in case you need it.