About  Environment

Working With the Earth, Not Against It

At Conundrum, our quarrying processes focus on repurposing natural resources, not wasting them. It’s better for us, better for you – and better for the environment.

Our Promises to the Planet

We comply with all applicable standards and regulations, and promise to:

  • Strategically rehabilitate operations
  • Preserve indigenous flora and fauna on sites
  • Reuse topsoil removed from work areas
  • Implement weed and pest control programs
  • Controlled blasting practices
  • Consult with people affected by our work
  • Decrease the impact of our operations
  • Collect, use and reuse water efficiently
  • Reduce waste and dispose of it properly
  • Recycle materials

Best Practice at Every Site

All Conundrum sites have been designed with the earth in mind. And all our management plans are living documents – continually revised to meet and exceed industry standards.

What’s more, our permission to operate (Work Authority) is regulated and audited by the state government. This ensures we comply at all times.

From preserving heritage sites to dust, water and noise management, Conundrum goes above and beyond to minimise hazards to the environment.

Supporting our Words – with Actions

Stawell Quarry progressive rehabiliation work

In 2009, our Stawell Quarry was nominated for a Strzelecki Award under the ‘Medium Sized Earth Resource Operation’ category. This award recognises excellence and innovation in sustainable earth resource development.

Stawell Quarry was nominated for its rehabilitation work over the past decade. This included consulting with local environment groups and planting native seeds collected on site. As a result, we’ve:

  • Reduced its environmental footprint
  • Eliminated silt run-offs and increased its capacity for onsite water recycling
  • Created a bigger habitat for wildlife
  • Protected indigenous plants
  • Cut weed species, soil erosion and carbon emission offsets
  • Reduced its visual impact