Products  Treatment of Inward Rock – Recyclables

‘Waste’ for Others. ‘Opportunity’ for Us.

At Conundrum, we accept imported materials from a wide range of construction activities, otherwise destined for landfill. Instead, we recycle, reprocess and reuse waste materials to bring new projects to life.

There is an obligation to the industry and the environment to recycle excavated materials and as such, we have committed resources and infrastructure to improving our ability to do so.

If You Want to Supply Us…

Material must be smaller than 900mm across, free of industrial waste and contaminants and categorised as Fill Material under EPA guidelines.

To ensure waste materials meet our requirements, please contact us to organise a consultation and on-site assessment with our Recycling Materials Manager.

If You Want to Buy From Us…

Please contact us to talk to one of our friendly staff about our quarry products, specifications and material pricing.

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