Products  Treatment of inward rock – recyclables

‘Waste’ for others. ‘Opportunity’ for us.

At Conundrum, we don’t let resources go to landfill if they don’t have to. Instead, we recycle excess materials from a range of projects – to bring other plans to life.

If you want to supply us…

As long as they’re not contaminated, we’ll take inward rock and other excess materials off your hands.

Following an onsite assessment, we approve the resources, process them and then put them up for sale. This way, we’re keeping our promise to the planet – and helping others play their part for the environment too.

If you want to buy from us…

If you want to know about the size of our recycled products or any other details, we’re happy to answer your questions – and provide test results to support them too.

Want to learn more about our recycled materials?