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We Excel Because of Our People

Ongoing professional development. Long term careers. A caring, supportive team. And countless opportunities to give back. These are just some of the reasons to join Conundrum.

Conundrum Holdings delivers real jobs & local employment opportunities in the Mitchell Shire, City of Whittlesea and the Wimmera region.

What We’re Looking For

Here’s what we look for in our team members:

  • The drive to grow and prosper in a progressive company
  • A commitment to ongoing training
  • An active approach to completing tasks
  • Real team players with a positive attitude
  • Honesty, fairness and care for customers
  • High presentation standards

What We Offer

  • Opportunities to advance your career in the company
  • A collaborative work environment
  • The chance to help your community and the environment
  • A friendly, supportive team
  • Ongoing professional and job-specific training
  • Challenging yet rewarding projects

Recruitment at Conundrum

For all positions, you’ll be tested on your literacy and numeracy skills – and will need to undertake a Pre-Employment Medical (including a drug screening) at our expense.

If you’re successful, you’ll undergo a trial period of up to six months. During this time, we’ll meet with you every month to make sure that everyone’s happy.

Protecting Your Health

Exposure to cement dust or dust from certain quarry products can result in exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica. Silica itself is an abundant mineral which varies between rock types, with basalt being one of the lowest.

Quarry and Sand Products SDS
Pre Mix Concrete SDS

Workers engaged in what Work Safe Victoria deems High Risk Crystalline Silica Work are potentially exposed to Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust (RCSD). Ongoing exposure to RCSD at levels above Safe Work Australia’s Workplace Exposure Standard can lead to respiratory disease.

Controls have been established and implemented in alignment with the Victoria’s OHS Regulation 98 Control of Risk to either eliminate or reduce the risk associated with exposure to RCSD as far as is reasonably practicable.

These controls are summarised on our Crystalline Silica Hazard Control Statement.
Details of these controls, your, and our roles and responsibilities in ensuring they are effective and maintained are detailed in Conundrum’s Safety Rules, a mandatory addition to your issued Job Descriptions and are a minimum compliance standard to be adhered to for the health and safety of all.

Successful applicants shall:

  • Be instructed in the application of our Crystalline Silica Hazard Control Statement;
  • Be required to acknowledge and commit to the application of our Crystalline Silica Hazard Control Statement;
  • Undertake a workplace induction on commencement of employment that explains these roles and responsibilities in more detail, and;
  • Undertake RCSD Awareness and Control training on a routine basis

Safety Data Sheets can be found here.

Current Availabilities

Please click the links below for information on the current availabilities:

Improving Skills and Industry Standards

At Conundrum, we aim to raise the bar in our industry. And for us, it all starts with people.

That’s why we partner closely with RTOs and higher education providers to boost the skills and confidence of their trainees – and our team members.

Highly Respected in the Extractive Sector

Conundrum Holdings is highly respected in the extractive sector. They’re at the forefront of vocational training – and are helping us create a competent workforce. Conundrum also exemplifies safe and responsible employee practices.

Jane Sims – Executive Manager (retired), Industry Relationships & Services
Box Hill Institute


Conundrum empowers people to make the right decisions and maintain best practice. Their commitment to the community and the environment is truly remarkable. They are one of the most progressive organisations I’ve ever partnered with.

David McKelvie – Workplace Safety Specialist & Director
DMcK Management Pty Ltd (Safe Mix)

Strive to

Conundrum’s dedication to professional development and the community never waivers, as demonstrated through their commitment to vocational training. They always strive to improve workforce skills – which can take over 150 hours of training per person.

David Crosby
WeldConnect Group Pty Ltd