Sites North Central Quarry  For the record

For the record

North Central Quarry will play an important role within the local community once operations commence. It will provide local people choice and access to quality material; a range of employment and commercial opportunities; and a repository (or habitat) for native flora and fauna which wouldn’t otherwise exist.

We are committed to supplying transparent information and responding to questions. Our key objectives are to ensure issues are identified, misconceptions resolved and expectations met where possible.

We look forward to welcoming site visits once it is safe to do so.

Myth: Trucks will be driving down Taylors Lane and local streets

No. Site access is directly from the Northern Highway.

All traffic will have to use a purpose-built, sealed and signalised access road that will provide the safest and most direct route to the nearby Northern Highway and Hume Freeway, both part of the HML Arterial Road System. No shire roads are proposed as part of the access route.

Myth: The quarry is too close to existing houses and will make too much dust

No. Current and future communities were considered when choosing this unique site.

The nearest quarry face to housing is nearly TWO KILOMETRES away from residential areas – substantially exceeding the EPA recommended 500m separation distance. The wind and environmental factors were assessed during the site’s design, and the noise and dust reports demonstrate compliance. The control measures have been modelled and reflect our 40 years of experience.

Myth: The quarry will become a tip

No. The site has already been deemed ‘not for waste’ and will be rehabilitated and beautified adding value to the area and a wonderful parkland legacy. This is the natural and best-use lifecycle of the land right now with PSP housing still decades away from the site.

Now…………..Clearly green rural farmland
Soon………….Short term quarry
Then………….Beautification and rehabilitation
Permanent..Housing in keeping with known PSP timelines
Legacy……….Site maximised, multiple uses, homes & families

Myth: The site will always be blasting – everyday all day

No.  In fact the blasting takes place on average only TWICE A MONTH with an expectation of between 16-29 blasts per year, industry limited to the hours between noon and 5pm. Blast duration, including safety sirens is only a few minutes and is completely self-contained within site.

With long term generational experience in blasting Conundrum Holdings has highly skilled technicians who conduct the exercise in a very controlled manner.
Like all quarrying work this process is regulated by WorkSafe, and is heavily regulated.
We are very proud of, and passionate about, our long-held safety and compliance record.
Please see the video right that shows a recent blast.

Myth: Basalt contains silica and will cause silicosis


Impossible – This basalt is best described as ‘iddingsite olivine’ containing around 15% of the mineral olivine which is chemically incompatible with crystalline silica or quartz.

Geologist Basil Natoli confirmed this as part of the original analysis of the rock. “There would be no risk of silicosis due to quartz (crystalline silica) from the basalts at this site.”
B. Natoli member Aust. Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.
Geologist – Bell, Cochrane and Associates.

Myth: Quarry dust will be blown everywhere

As quarries naturally generate a certain level of dust and noise impacts, established quarry operators have developed specific techniques to manage their impacts to a contextually suitable level. The wind and environmental factors were analysed during the site’s design, and the noise and dust reports demonstrate compliance. As committed to in the Work Plan and tested in the Dust Impact Assessment, the following dust control via design and management practice will be undertaken:

  • Weather monitoring and associated management of the site’s activities (including suspension)
  • Land buffers and vegetation screens
  • Dust suppression and extraction during drilling, and suppressions prior and following blasts in dry conditions.
  • Water storage and suppression which includes a full-time water cart
  • Embedding the crushing plant below the skyline
  • Operation and maintenance of water delivery system
  • Minimising of disturbed area

The Geology and Geography

The Mitchell Shire has a proud history of providing the literal ‘bedrock’ of Melbourne’s past and present – and this new site just north of the existing quarry will continue that tradition into the future.

This site again shows Mitchell Shire’s ability to support foundation infrastructure in other LGA’s and communities, maintaining the ability to proudly share essential rock.

After surveying over 500,000 hectares this UNIQUE site presents a once-only opportunity for local industry to access a vital and strategic resource that is diminishing right now.

New source of strategic rock at North Central Quarry

The new site has been designed strategically to minimise the quarry footprint over four clearly defined phases.

Phase One will see multiple job opportunities in a range of professions as direct employees and also as contract suppliers and service providers.

This a temporary land use, and the site’s legacy will see it transition to parkland and residential land, integrating into the broader development.

Interested in our North Central Quarry?